Welcome to Seed by Suez

The first 100 days in a company are very important. This is why we created Seed by Suez. To discover the group, our values and individuals who work at Suez.

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Discover Seed by Suez below

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Discover facts & statistics
about Suez.

Every day, during your first 100 days in at Suez, discover a new fact about the group and our activities.

Send photos and take part in contests.

With a built-in camera, Seed by Suez lets you snap and shoot moments as they happen. You can even add text to personalize your photos and send them in a Contest Story.

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Learn more about the
Suez group with infographics & organigrams.

Curious about Suez’s activities? Find it out with the Suez Tab and learn more about the group story or about water treatment for exemple.

Explore and find people and services in CB21 Suez Tower.

Need to find at which floor is located the Fitness Space, the Auditorium or a service? You just have to open the Seed by Suez app and find it.

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